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Beyond Shampoos and Conditioners, our mission has always been to bring transformation along all the paths we take, and knowledge is a fundamental part of the verb to transform. It is through our TEAM HAIR EXPERT, that we make our science and technology available to professionals.



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The hairdresser of the celebrities! Hairstylist “Fábrica de Casamentos” / SBT Brazilian channel / Discovery Home & Health program. For 20 years in the beauty market, He has collected a portfolio with great celebrities, being a reference in Hairstyle, Visagism and Colorimetry. He carries titles and certifications from the largest academies in the world.

A 10 years’ Educator, specialist in Curls, Makeover and Hair Therapy. Expert in Organic Straightening 0% formaldehyde. He works with research and development in Salvatore laboratories.

Salvatore Technician, hairdresser and professional makeup artist, she has worked in the beauty area for 10 years. At the forefront with complete visual  transformation techniques based on Visagism, he specializes in Highlights, Straightening and Hair Recovery.

Salvatore commercial consultant, with 10 years of career in the company, speaker and hairdresser. She conducts training and workshops throughout Brazil, aimed at increasing sales using Salvatore protocols and products.

Artist of dynamic performance in the beauty area for 10 years. Expert in Blondes, Colors, Highlights and Hairstyles.

Artist with more than 10 years in the profession, specialist in Curls, Hair Recovery and Straightening, Fundamentals and Cutting Trends. She brings in her essence the enhancement of the natural capillary structure of each physiology.

Specialized Educators in Highlights, Colorimetry, Cuts and Visagism. Hairstylists own the renowned Paparazzi International Salon. Training in the best academies in Brazil and abroad, with extensive international career.

Hair Stylist specialist in Blondes, with over 11 years’ experience. Expert in Highlights and Colorimetry. Specialization in Clinical Anamnesis.

Educator with 20 years’ experience. Expert in Colorimetry, Stylist in Cuts, Modeling, Hair Design, Finishing, Volume Techniques and Visagism.

Professional in the beauty market for 17 years, specialist in Design of Cuts, Blondes and Creative Highlights. Golden Scissors and Golden Hands Awards.

Specialist Educator in Colorimetry with a focus on Visagism. Expert in Blondes, renowned Designer of Highlights and Hair Colorings, Hair Straightening, Trichology and Capillary Therapy, Preparation and Modeling of Hairstyles.

Barber technician specialized in Barbaterapy, Modern Classic Cuts and Beard Designer with more than 7 years of career. He stands out for his experience on scissors cutting with texture and styling. Expert in training on Customer Service, Professional Posture and Product Use.

Professional with more than 15 years’ experience in the beauty area, her goals are to have scientific technical knowledge in a manner consistent with a common language of the beauty professionals.

Artist with over 22 years’ experience, specialist in Color and Cut. Expert Hairdresser and Coach. Training in renowned academies in Brazil and abroad. Toni & Guy Seminars, Vidal Sassoon and Pivot Point. Academic in Management and Entrepreneurship.


In a perfect and thorough way, our Educators operate each Expert Module, strengthening the brand and Salvatore Professional Education System, “Academy Hair”.



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We are Salvatore from the beginning to the end. Since products manufacturing, to their commercialization, passing through all departments and putting our values into practice.

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